Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise

Four Dwellings has been fortunate enough to work with the company ‘Enabling Enterprise’ since April. ‘Enabling Enterprise’ helps teachers to develop projects which enables children to develop key skills which are valued within the world or work - such as teamwork, problem solving, presentation skills etc.

They also create opportunities for pupils from the school to visit various places of work, from universities to accountants to construction. This allows pupils to get a clearer vision of work, to develop these key skills and therefore become more desirable in the field of work as they mature and to build their own aspirations! So far, Four Dwellings pupils have designed their own Pod-cast, been involved in designing a ‘Moonbase’ during a whole school challenge day and have visited different places of work.

This collaboration between Four Dwellings and Enabling Enterprise will continue throughout the year, involving all pupils with a variety of challenges and exciting problems to solve!

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