Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs

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 At Four Dwellings, we organise a broad range of exciting and energetic extra-curricular sports clubs providing enjoyable, inclusive and healthy learning experiences for all children.  These are available before school, lunch time or as part of after school clubs and delivered by school staff and external providersAll clubs are offered on a rotational basis throughout the year so that all children have the opportunity to participate.

Our extra-curricular sports programme is regularly reviewed so that it consistently meets the needs, interests and aspirations of our children, parents and families.  Some of the current clubs being delivered this term include:


Our Tri-Golf Club is a great way to introduce all children to the basics of the full game of golf - namely putting, chipping and driving - and provides the opportunity for the children to then use and apply these skills in competitive individual and team challenges.  This Club is delivered in partnership with the golf professional from the local Warley Woods Golf Club who provides regular opportunities for the children to visit and play at the Golf Club making the experience 'real'

'Box Fit' Club

Our Key Stage 2 'Box Fit' Club forms part of our school sport ethos in which we aim to offer as wide a range of sporting opportunities for our children as possible.  Participants engage in structured 'fitness for boxing' activities which have no contact whatsoever - it is based around developing technique, fitness, using the pads and gloves and having fun, whilst working towards the Amateur Boxing Association competency awards.  This is available as a lunch time and after school activity.

Street Dance Club

We are passionate about introducing all our children to ‘real’ street dance techniques through professional delivery, making dance an enjoyable, interactive and expressive learning experience.  This is available as a lunch time and after school club

Change4Life 'Active Academy' Club

'Active Academy' is our new type of extra-curricular sports club, designed to increase physical activity levels through participation in new sports and activities that are fun, socially interactive and encourage healthy life choices.

Archery Club

Our EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2 Archery Clubs are extremely popular and both physically and mentally challenging.  The benefits of archery include enhanced mental capacity, physical health and general fitness.  Archery can also improve patience and focus and can give children a strong sense of personal achievement.

Mini-Olympians Club (Multi-Skills) Club

Available to all children in the EYFS and Key Stage 1, our popular Mini-Olympians Club offers structured weekly sports sessions to develop fundamental movement skills and agility, balance and co-ordination – the core skills required for successful participation in all sports.

Football Club

Available to both boys and girls across all Key Stages, our popular football clubs ensure all children, regardless of ability, disability or specific need, learn, develop and enjoy a range of core football skills through the creation of safe, fun and challenging learning environment.  Children are invited from this club to train and represent school teams.

School Team Training Clubs

We also provide bespoke school team training clubs offering a range of specialist team training programmes for boys and girls school sports teams ranging from delivering stand-alone coaching sessions in preparation for the School Games and other tournaments and festivals, through to delivering a structured programme of bespoke sessions, the selection of teams and coaching at fixtures.

Rowing Club

Our new Rowing Club for Year 6 children and staff, delivered in partnership with Birmingham Rowing Club, provides a low impact way to develop fitness, technique and stay active as well as promoting healthy competition.  Through the Club, children and staff are invited to progress to outdoor rowing on the water at Edgbaston Reservoir.