Our Aims

At Four Dwellings Primary Academy,we acknowledge that Physical Education (PE) and physical activity, experienced in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment, plays a unique and crucial role in the physical development, health and well-being of our children.  Accordingly, we place a high value on high-quality PE, physical activity and extra-curricular sports provision, laying the foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle and a life-long love of sport and physical activity.

We aim to engage, inspire and nurture the potential of every child through an outstanding PE, physical activity and sport programme which meets their needs, interests and aspirations.  Through our programmes, we aim to provide inspirational opportunities for our children to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in a broad range of sports and physical activities.  This will enable the children to make informed choices about sport and physical activity throughout their lives.

At Four Dwellings Primary Academy, we are committed to:

·         Reflecting the school’s overall vision, aims and ethos through PE and sport.

·         Extensively raising the profile of PE and sport across school, using them as a tool for whole school improvement.

·         Ensuring our children access a broad, engaging and inspiring PE curriculum and extra-curricular programme which focuses on the          

       children enjoying active and healthy lifestyles, and experiencing competition.

·         Exposing our children to a wide range of sports and physical activities, and in doing so, developing well-rounded knowledge,              

        understanding and skill base in every child.

·         Developing an understanding in all children of how to improve their performance and succeed in a range of sports and physical         

        activities, and how to evaluate their own and others’ success.

·         Developing personal qualities/skills through PE and physical activity such as determination, resilience, co-operation, self-esteem, self-

       belief, leadership and motivation, together with teamwork and positive attitudes to physical activity.  

·         Ensuring physical activity opportunities and experiences within and beyond the school day are easily accessed and sustainable.

·         Providing a safe and stimulating environment in which to be active and learn, promoting an understanding of safe practice and          

       developing a sense of responsibility towards the safety of themselves and others.

·         Promoting and supporting the health and well-being of our children, their families, staff and the wider community, engaging them in 

        regular events.

·         Working in partnership with Academies Enterprise Trust, our School Sports Partnership, local schools and other high-quality              

       external providers to support and enrich our PE and sport provision, providing a broader range of activities for our children and          

       increasing the capabilities our teaching and support staff.

·         Providing or signposting gifted and talented children to specialist support.