Pupil Consent Forms - Further Information


Electronic communications

Four Dwellings Primary Academy uses an electronic communications system to improve the links with home and to ensure a reliable and efficient delivery of information.  We send short messages and alerts directly to your mobile phone as a text message.

The system allows you to receive short text messages if we need to contact you urgently.   Text message alerts are only sent to the priority 1 contact named by you. Your details will not be used for any purpose other than Academy business.  You will not receive any spam or marketing material.   

On-line payments  

The Academy has introduced on-line payments as part of it’s development to be a cashless Academy.

Parents are encouraged to avail of this service which enables payments for Academy trips, activities and events to be made securely via debit and credit card. Payments are authorised through Parent Pay and no personal banking data is kept by the Academy.

Transfer of data

When your child leaves Four Dwellings Primary Academy, their personal data is transferred electronically using a secure system to their new school.  This only occurs once they have been confirmed as being on roll at their destination.