Academy uniform expectations are as follows:

  • Grey trousers or skirts/pinafores NOT black.

  • Academy polo shirts OR White shirts with a collar - NOT T-shirts

  • Academy jumper with logo OR plain jumper in academy blue

  • Shoes must be black and sensible school shoes with laces or a strap – NOT trainers or slip-on shoes.

  • Tights must be black or grey.

  • Socks must be black or grey.

  • Headscarves must be white, black, academy blue or grey; these should be plain with no decoration.

Children will require an Four Dwellings Primary Academy PE bag and book bag – no other bags are needed, except lunch boxes. Children are allowed to wear a watch and stud earrings – no other jewellery is allowed and children will be asked to remove it. Nail polish and make-up is not permitted. Any hair bands or bobbles need to be black, blue or white and plain. If other colours or very flamboyant items are worn, children will be asked to remove them.

PE kits are:

  • Plain white T-shirt (no coloured items are permitted)

  • Black or grey shorts. leggings or joggers (girls may wear leggings under their shorts)

  • PE pumps (white or black) or plain trainers which children must change into (none that flash)

For health and safety reasons, ordinary head scarves cannot be worn in PE and girls should either wear a sports headscarf or their hair should be tied back. For outdoor PE children will wear the white PE shirt and when the weather gets colder will require a black or grey tracksuit (without logos) and trainers. Children who go swimming will require swimming costumes and correct swimming trunks – neither bikinis nor long Bermuda-style shorts.

When the weather gets cold children will need gloves and a hat. Please buy cheap gloves and hats as children often lose these. Please put names in. A good idea is to put the gloves on a string through the arms of the coat. This way they do not lose them. Children will be able to wear flat black boots in the winter; NOT Ugg style boots nor any with a heel. These are not good for children’s feet.

We go outside at playtime and lunchtime in all weathers.

Children are allowed to change into their trainers at playtime and lunchtime to save their shoes when playing football and other games; they will be expected to change back into school shoes immediately afterwards.

Children will sometimes be doing some messy artwork. Please could you send a large old shirt (one of a family member’s old ones) with your child and they can keep it in their tray all year for when they do art work. This way it saves their uniform.

Uniforms and bags with our official logo can be purchased from:

Somal Fashions

11 Faraday Avenue


B32 1JP

or Tesco Direct